Post-1950 songs and vocal pieces performed

Barnes, Tom

Berio, Luciano

Birtwistle, Harrison

Benjamin, George

Bennett, Richard Rodney

Butler, Martin

Carnell, William

Causton, Richard

Cummings, Simon

Dale Roberts, Jeremy

Efthymiou, Effy

Emmerson, Simon

Finnissy, Michael

Furlani, Paolo

Gu, Erchao

Haigh, Robin

Holloway, Robin

Keeley, Robert

Kim, Earl

Larsen, Libby

Leach, Rachel

McCabe, John

McNeff, Stephen

MacRae, Stuart

Maconchy, Elizabeth

MacRae, Stuart

Manoury, Phillipe

Nesbit, Edward

Parry, Nye

Riley, Colin

Riley, Terry

Rise, Indra

Rorem, Ned
Rudman, Jessica

Skempton, Howard

Taverner, John

Turnage, Mark-Anthony

Wallen, Errolyn

Weir, Judith

Whalley, Richard

Wiegold, Peter

Willis, Alison

Wood, Hugh

Woolrich, John



Yiu, Raymond


*** world première

** UK première

* London première

Meeting Point (2016)***

Laborintus II (Soloist 1) (1965); Quattro canzoni popolari (1952)

Ring A Dumb Carillon (1965)

A Mind of Winter (1981)

A Garland for Marjory Fleming (1969)

Three Emily Dickinson Songs (1987)

Elegy in the form of a vocalise (2000)***

Poems Almost of This World (2005)***; Threnody (1991)

Who knows if the moon's (2014)***

Beautiful lie the dead (1954)

Bring me a little water, Sylvie (2018)***

Time past IV (1984) (+ tape)

Beuk o'Newcassel sangs (1990)

Canti con animali (1992)***

When you are old (2018)***

Three D.H. Lawrence Songs (2017)***

Tender only to one (1969)

Five poems of Stevie Smith (2002)***

Letters found near a suicide (1964)

Songs from Letters (1989)

Edge (1996)

Requiem Sequence (1971); Three Folk Songs (1967)

Gentle Giant (2005)

After the Rendevous (2016), The Lif of the World (2008)

Three Songs in memory of W.B.Yeats (1985)

After the Rendezvous (2016)*

Xanadu (1990)

He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (2018)***, Pursuing the Horizon (2017)***

Triptych (2001)***

A Stranger Called This Morning (sop/pno version) (2003)*

In C (1964)

new work (1998)***

Ariel (1971)

There will come soft rains (2008)**

Hot Noon in Malabar (1997)*

Lamentation, Last Prayer and Exultation (1977)*

Two Baudelaire Songs (2003-4)*

London's Burning, Guru, Daedalus (2005)

Songs from the Exotic (1987)

Six Songs of Old Japanese Wisdom (2004)

Les Roses (1998)

Oh! Tell me not I shall forget (2017)

Marina (1989)

A Singing Sky (2009)*; Here is my Country (1995);

Songs and Broken Music (1993);

Three Cautionary Tales (1990-4); Light and Rock (1988);

The Earth and Every Common Sight (2010)

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